OFWs Must Pay for Their Rides Home During Emergency

So it is, OFWs keep on making the Philippine Economy afloat and as if it’s not enough, OFWs must pay so that the Philippine government can extend assistance to the distressed Filipinos working abroad. That is according to the “Idea” of Manila Rep. Ma. Theresa Bonoan-David (Para sa Emergency Repatriation Fund: OFWs, sisingilin ng $50 bago umalis).

I don’t know how many OFWs know about the OWWA fund, and I guess only a few of them have benefitted from it, in one way or the other. Personally I don’t even know where all those money are being spent except one program I came across with “OWWA LOANS". And now this, according to “Maritess” the government must make sure that the emergency fund for the repatriation for the Overseas Workers during calamities must be sufficient. Bravo! That is a noble intent and I couldn’t agree more. But to take it from them is like telling a kid.. “Hoy bata, dadalhin kita sa peryahan kaya lang ikaw ang magbabayad ng rides mo ah?”.

Most of THE time I am not even sure if the intentions of some legislators in proposing new laws “for” OFWs is really “for” OFWs or are just mere attempts in trying to get the sympathy of OFWs and their families for political agenda. Does this legislators even know how hard it is to earn money abroad, how hard it is to serve abusive employers and go to the ‘accommodation” depressed (I cannot use “Home” because a room where you sleep cannot be called home without your love ones). Self-pity and esteem degradation is very common for OFWs.

I hope “Maritess” can join me in Starbucks to have a coffee chat so I can inform her of how it is to be an OFW. Miss Maritess whatever your intentions are, the idea is good, it’s the source of the fund that is not. Let me give you an idea on how to get the sympathy of the majority of Overseas Filipino Workers. Read this “One Care for OFW, Tax Free”. We might even collect funds for your candidacy as President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Circus: Renato Corona’s Impeachment Trial

Effigy of PGMA being burned by protesters during the SONA 2007
I have left the Philippines for Qatar in my hopes of finding the greener pasture (as they say) for the future of my family. When I boarded the Plane bound for Doha, right then and there I trashed my political affiliations and views. But I guess as a concern citizen (not a resident though at the moment) of the Republic of the Philippines, I cannot help but to voice out my opinion regarding the National “Circus” currently being staged on the House of Senate.

“Renato Corona’s Impeachment Trial” this is the title of the show currently running on Philippine’s major television stations. A “fun” battle of wits and idiocracies, Filipino Style. My only concerns are; will the Filipinos in general benefit from such a process? How much money should be spent to remove an “appointee” from a government post? (In Japan, when someone’s integrity is being questioned, he will voluntarily resign and there are some extreme cases that some even commit “Hara-Kiri” (suicide).

In the Philippines it’s like frying an already toasted fish trying to jump off the frying pan (“Innocent until proven guilty”). And lawyers back home are really good at exploiting the loopholes of the law. Lots of cases were dismissed not in lack of evidence but because of technicalities.

In the end, what will be the impact of the impeachment if it fails or succeeds? These kinds of “reality stage plays” in the country have been going on since the last decade and I don’t see any direct or indirect good implications in how our government officials (elected and appointed) run their offices. Those that will benefit from this “circus” are “grandstanding" politicians for media mileage and lawyers that will gain celebrity status. And in just a year’s time, all of these interests and concerns will vanish as if nothing had happened.

As for me, I’d rather watch an apocalyptic themed movie to entertain myself. At least at the end of the movie I can say. “Thank God it was just a movie”.