An Open Letter to Eat Bulaga and GMA 7

Photo from Eat Bulaga page (facebook/ebdabarkads)

I never thought that a Philippine TV show (Eat Bulaga) will gamble to promote Filipino good moral values in a generation where controversial is the name of the game. Plots are recycled about the other woman, about affairs and other worldly themes. It's a breathe of fresh air watching Kalyeserye of Juan for All, All for Juan. I think it's the only series that I will let my kids watch. This trend should continue to revive the forgotten Filipino ritual of courtship (Panliligaw). A man should invest physically and emotionally to prove his worth of the love a woman.

I am calling Tape Inc. producer of Eat Bulaga to make a formal series promoting the values that we just now hear from our elders. GMA 7 should cease this opportunity too. Make something worthwhile, a show that we all Filipinos can be proud of. It's just my observation that people grew tired of these shows promoting immoral acts and now ready for some old fashion love stories of yesterdays. Make watching Television a family affair once more like during the time of  "Analiza" and "Flordeluna". I lost hope of being able to watch quality shows from the leading TV networks in the Philippines a long time ago but Kalyeserye has given back that hope.

Take this chance to let the generations of today see and experience how beautiful our culture and traditions way back. There is no need for a lot of  bare naked bodies, bring back the shows that made families of past generations watch together, laugh and learn together, shows like "John en Marsha". The viewers are now ready for wholesome, family-oriented shows.

Special mention to Wally Bayola (Lola Nidora). It's very apparent that her/his lines were not memorized from a script and comes out naturally. In your own way Wally, you made a lot of difference. You really have redeemed yourself of your past mistake. And to both Alden and Maine stay true to yourselves, humble and real because that's what make you "tick".

To Eat Bulaga and GMA 7 Congratulations and thank you for being the ambassadors of our forgotten great Filipino Values.

Blindness That We call Politics

We are born blind and as days passed by we begin to see but unfortunately for others they remain blind until they die.

Technical blindness is the inability of the eye to have visions and in some instances curable, but the other type is much more annoying and worst as the eye can see but the brain denies it. The latter is very common in the Philippines and we call the people with this condition POLITICIANS.

According to a study conducted by an unlicensed Neurologist, the problem is mainly caused by “GREED”. Dr. Juan de la Cruz said that as GREED enter the system of a particular person, they will tend to see only through their guts and starts to change their DIET, POWER for RICE and PRIVILEGE for DISH, and worst their appetite will increase dramatically as that of a CROCODILE. The expert also found out that this disease can be inherited, passing it to their children and sometimes even to their family in-laws, Dr. Cruz calls this phenomenon “POLITICAL DYNASTY”.

The report also categorized the sickness according to its GRAVITY. It will start from Kapitan which main manifestation is called “ghostprojects” then to Alkalde which main aggression is on commissions on projects and “ghostemployees”. Governador has almost have the same symptoms as the first two only more massive, Mambabatas and Senador are more fond of pork “porkbarrel” it doesn’t matter if it’s cooked or raw, and the most acute of them all is the Pangulo as it manifests all the symptoms of all the categories and has no chance of being cured even ultra violet rays has no effect.

This report is so alarming that people from the Philippines are all planning to migrate to any possible country that welcomes them. And anyone who is found to have the copy of the said report will be tagged as enemy of the state and be persecuted as a terrorist.

My only hope that on the next research Dr. Cruz will be able to find a magic cure for this devastating disease as it does not causes trouble for the host but to all the people around them.

Nicomaine Dei Mendoza (Yaya Dub) Epitome of an Ideal Girl

Maine aka Yaya Dub is such a woman. Born rich yet she doesn't act like one

Seldom a woman can be a full package or a man for that matter. Maine aka Yaya Dub is such a woman. Born rich yet she doesn't act like one. She possesses this unique beauty that fascinates guys and even women. Her humor is so natural that even me who feeds on intellectual humor can't help but to laugh out loud (LOL) in my room at night while watching the "Teleserye". Yes the teleserye has become the Home Sick remedy for most of us OFWs. I could not even remember when was the last time a celebrity made me feel so young that I literally become a "Teenager" whenever I see those "kilig" moments of the ALDUB pair. By the way (BTW) is there a literal translation of "kilig" in English? Oh well doesn't matter though; as long as I feel good whenever I'm glued to the screen.

Maine can do dubbing very well, that's given but if you search about her like I did, there is more to her than meets the eye. She has a pack of talents. Maine can write ( which is really a big contrast to what she projects on Eat bulaga. She can play drums (Oh boy How I wish I could) watch the video below.

She has a unique face, most beautiful when she doesn't wear make up and she could play with her gorgeous face to make us laugh. She's never conscious even if sometimes she will look like a "fool"; she really can carry herself.

There is so much about her that we cannot even imagine, She has a personality all on her own. A puzzle that most of us are now trying to solve but I would say all of these qualities combined make her such a star in her own right. Again I will say "Nicomaine Dei Mendoza is the Epitome of an Ideal Woman."

Videos from her official youtube channel: Maine Mendoza
Picture from her Instagram account: Maine Mendoza

Misconceptions On OFWs: Maluho at Sobrang Masarap ang Buhay

Isn't it annoying when we OFWs are being judged merely by what others see on our Facebook. Like for example, after three months a friend invited you to a coffee shop (not Starbucks, it's overrated, Papparoti is the thing now) and but of course selfies will be a sure thing. Post them on Facebook and different reactions will come; some would say "sarap ng buhay mo ah?"; others would implicitly shove in your face "ang gara mo puro ka naman utang" and so on so forth. Little do they know that you're friend paid for it; why would they bother right? When they already have this preconceived idea that all Filipinos abroad are "maluho".

I think the only mistake we OFWs do is posting only the good times and the best situations which are as rare as rain in the desert. Like me for example, most of my days I survived on; you know this "Hot and Spicy" fried sardines in an easy open can plus spicy "Oishi" and this rice I bought from the local supermarket labeled "Jasmin" rice? No that the "Ligo" brand though. I buy the generic ones with the cheapest price. It's actually good long as it stays hot for when it gets cold you will need not a spoon but a jackhammer to make it move. Dang! I hate it when my rice is harder than my balls but I need to save so I can send more. The guy in the video mentioned how "Balikbayans" spent so much during their vacation and he is right; can't you just let us enjoy good and nutritious food when we're back home? Is that too much to ask?

So I'm calling on to all the families, friends and foes of OFWs to please just hit the like button on our good time pictures and avoid those judgmental thoughts in your head. Or if you felt this overwhelming envy, just think of this; Being an OFW is not like sleeping on a bed of roses. And you're luckier than us because you don't have to go abroad to earn a living for your family so unless you'll be able to be in our shoes "your judgment is good but you're not a judge."

BaBaLa: "ALDUB" The Pandemic Virus that Infected Filipinos and OFWs Around the World

Let me guess, you are here because you just can’t get enough of ALDUB; am I right? Watching Eat Bulaga is no longer enough to satisfy your craving for the love team of the year. Oh well I couldn’t blame you because I myself have been scouring the net with every article I could find about Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) it doesn’t even matter how short it may be. What is this fever spreading like a virus? It became pandemic as Filipinos around the World (OFWs) have been infected, myself included. There is just something about this duo that is hard to comprehend but I will try to dissect the “virus” in ways that I can through my own “research” (stalking)J. I will start with Alden Richards whose real name is Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr. Alden was born on January 2, 1992 in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines as the second child of Richard Sr., a native of Laguna, and Rosario (neé Reyes), a native of Pampanga. (Wikipedia)

In my quest to know more about the love team ALDUB, I came across this video below and to know how humble this guy is, made me admire him more. In the interview you can feel how much she loves his mother who died not seeing him living the dream she has for his son. But I must admit that before the ALDUB Fever I didn’t even know who Alden Richards is. I saw one of his dudsmash once but never knew he’s already a celebrity in the Philippines. I thought he’s one of those “mestizo” who’s murdering the Filipino language until as I’ve said watched the video below.

Yaya Dub, a household name now in the Philippines and a recognizable name in the social universe (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Nicomaine Dei Mendoza is her real name and she is from Sta. Maria, Bulacan and is the fourth of five siblings. She finished high school in St. Paul College in Bocaue, Bulacan and graduated from De La Salle-College of St. Benilde of Culinary Arts. She did an on job training in a resort in New York City (Wikipedia).With her background it’s hard to imagine she can be the wackiest person that you’ll ever see which I guess is the main reason people from all walks of life love her, from toddler to the most senior and everything in between. The video below shows how well off her family is and it is noticeable how easy-going is her whole family but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As I slowly admitted to myself that I’m really becoming an avid fan of hers (Kurt Cobain won’t come back to life so I guess it’s time to let go of the “Grunge” era’s Icon) I was able to find Maine’s Youtube channel and watched all her video in a single night or let’s just say until dawn. Her video clips showed how talented she is, from directing to editing videos and she plays the drums too (how cool is that?). But probably what struck me the most is when I stumbled upper her personal blog The Optimist Pessimist Bella. Oh boy, who would have thought that this “crazy” girl is as deep as the ocean? At such a young age she’s so attune to her emotions and very much aware of who she is. She composes poetry too, how lovely.

So wherever she is right now, I can say that she deserves all the blessings that come her way. A very fascinating young lady who can be the wackiest one moment and be the deepest person in a heartbeat. So to all the Filipinos and OFWs like me, I am with you and I perfectly understand why you are going gaga over Yaya Dub and the ALDUB love team. But wait, I think I haven’t explain why this phenomenon is so intoxicating. I will try anyway. People are tired of being fooled by scripted and planned love teams and ALDUB was formed accidentally and it was the people that are watching who made it to develop to what is it right now. The genuine personality of Maine Mendoza is a very big factor. She’s a real person with enormous charisma and she is the opposite of what most Filipinos hate on celebrities “Prima Donnas”. So there you go folks I tried.

If you liked this article please share it to our fellow ALDUBBERS out there and spread the word even though I know my friends of old will bash me for writing this. A rebellious grungy me writing about a showbiz love team.. LOL. Oh well I love the kilig factor anyway… BABALA!!!